Merferd's Musings / Making National TV  

The Owner of Lou's Fitness had his Bio in front of a me on  building at the corner of West Florissant and Chambers for his American Ninja Warriors televised competition. James 1:20 is written in bold letters next to me. How cool is that!?

Merferd's thoughts on Memorial Day 

I realize the difference between the eagle and the flag, is that the eagle was listed as an endangered species. I only submit that although America's past has not been perfect, it has 'repented' in several ways. It's flag has been a solace to many, and those who burn it, might just as much burn those who honor the freedoms it has stood for.  I realize the flag's desecration is included in a Supreme court's past ruling in conjunction with freedom of speech..... so here, with this Memorial day, I... Merferd... am just SAYING....

Merferd's Musings 

My Jesus nephew Josh and his sister, my Jesus niece Hannah, beautiful they are in so many many ways. Do I need anymore proof of a good good good Creator Good God?

MERFERD'S MUSINGS / "When I made my outdoors debut" 

When Ferguson erupted, businesses were brutalized and plywood went up. On Thanksgiving day my creator had breakfast at a homeless shelter and started up Martin Luther Drive in St Louis toward Ferguson. Parts of Martin Luther Dr have never recovered from riots. All my creator could do was put a few of these posters up, on his way up MLK drive to Ferguson. So I am here and there with my hands lifted up, here on a closed down boarded up church. May healing happen here at this, the gateway to the west.

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Tree Toons

Welcome to the land of the Tree Toons, standing at the edge of the wood and the world for such a time as this.  We invite you to join our e team and stand at the edge WITH US. The galleries of toons you see up above are archived from years past, and recent toons are here below.  Besides growing in news papers and magazines, a children's book is in their future.  We desire a fan base to build as we move toward the first of their series. We'd love you to be in the 'GROVE' with us!

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